General information about the Law Company «JURINNOVATION»

Legal status: Legal entity.

Company type: Limited liability company.

Registered on: 21.11.2007.

Company status: Active.

Management body of a legal entity authorized to represent a legal entity in legal relations with third parties: CEO Mamchur Vitalii.

Main activity: Activities in the field of law.


From past into future, from complex to simple from old to new the world evolves due to innovation: engineering innovations, economical innovations, artistic innovations, innovations in state and law. Jurinnovation is a fusion of classical jurisprudential principles and innovative approaches to business. If such features of dirigible make an impression on you as: safety, thriftiness, environmental friendliness, high airlift and spaciousness, long-distant and durational non-stop flights, ability to take-off from and land on almost any surface, almost complete absence of noise and vibration in flight - then, welcome to the dirigible of Law Company «JURINNOVATION» as a symbol of free movement, creativity and prospect, harmony of traditions and innovations.