How the ship is called it defines the way it will float ...

This words of wisdom are clearly demonstrated in the famous cartoon "The Adventures of Captain WRONGEL" which storyline is based on the fact that ship set sails from the port with excellent name "Victory" (Russian - "ПОБЕДА") but the first two letters come off at some stage and he continues his trip with completely different name “Trouble” (in Russian – "БЕДА"). The outcome is well-known…

In this connection, some original and unique professional occupation is worth of mentioning – “Naming”. Special agencies or their subdivisions, or individual professional copywriters take part in such selection (search, concoction) of appropriate name for everything that needs its own original name.

While choosing a name for our company we have not applied to such specialists. Probably that is because it took us more than a month, a term that could’ve been enough to choose the name for a baby. But finally we’ve given the name to the company - "Jurinnovation”. What does this name mean?

Ukrainian spelling of our company’s name “Jurinnovation” is formed from the first syllable of the word juridical (“ legal”) and the word "innovation".

If the word "law" is commonly used in our society for a long time, the word "innovation" (in Russian "Инновация", Ukr. «Інновація», German «Innovation», «Neuerung») began to spread relatively recently. This word helps to individualize the name of our company, and its meaning reflects the general principles of its activity.

The notion of "innovation" has a lot of classical definitions, as: 1) introduction that is still not widespread in social production, 2) introduction, implementation of new ideas, technologies, novelties, etc. to the organization of manufacture, production, management of  enterprise and industry 3) something that is perceived as new 4) form of a controlled development of existing systems 5) the process in the course of which an invention or discovery is brought to practical application and economic efficiency 6) application of new scientific and technical knowledge providing market success.

In general, innovation is the ideas and proposals (in many cases based on results of special research) that could become the basis for a new kinds of products or to significantly improve consumer characteristics (technical, economic, etc.) of existing products. Innovations may help to set up new processes, services, or anything that can improve the "quality of life” of mankind.

Thus, the notion of "innovation" is associated with such notions as introduction, invention, discovery, which are the products of creative activity.

Creativity - is an individual ability to create brand new ideas that deviate from traditional patterns of thinking and are included into structure of endowments as an independent factor, as well as the ability to solve problems that arise in static systems.

How does creativity refer to lawyers? Indeed, being a good lawyer requires knowledge of legal provisions. But besides legal skills and habits lawyers must have such quality as "creativity". In fact, creativity of the lawyer is understood as creative, artistic approach to solving of legal issues. Peculiarity of this approach distinguishes such lawyers among their colleagues.

However, when creativity is associated with generation of new ideas, the innovation is their implementation. Thus the title "Jurinnovation" reflects not only the ability of creative thinking in solving legal problems, but also the ability to implement respective ideas.

It should be noted that the choice of the name "Jurinnovation" was influenced not only by the above considerations of the founders, but also by the fact that a well-known specialists of intellectual property sphere are among the founders of our company and that at the time of company’s foundation one of the main clauses of its business plan envisaged provision of legal services in this sphere.