The social direction of the Law Company "JURINNOVATION" is to increase the level of legal culture in society.
The Law Company "JURINNOVATION" took part in the organization and holding of international scientific and practical conferences "Intellectual Property in the XXI Century" on the topics: "Socially-balanced intellectual property rights and open access to scientific information", "Intellectual Property and INTERNET". The co-organizers of these conferences were: Kyiv Polytechnic Science Park, National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI", Scientific and Practical Journal Intellectual Property, All-Ukrainian Association of Patent Attorneys (VAPP). Among the honored guests of the conferences are representatives of Microsoft Ukraine LLC, the Ukrainian Association of manufacturers / users of free / open source software, and others.
The Law Company "JURINNOVATION" is one of the participants in the adaptation of Creative Commons licenses to Ukrainian copyright law.
Creative Commons is a not-for-profit corporation that seeks to facilitate the use and creation of derivative works by adhering to copyright. It provides free licenses and other legal tools for creators who themselves decide what to share and what to protect. Creative Commons proposed a middle ground between “all rights reserved” and “no rights reserved” - “some rights reserved”.
Creative Commons helps tailor its basic free licenses to the requirements of copyright laws in different countries. Adaptation means translation into national languages ​​and amendments to the text of licenses in accordance with the requirements of national legislation. 53 countries have already made Creative Commons free licenses part of their national copyright laws, and another 18 countries are working on the changes. Among them is Ukraine.